Vertical Express Limited Warranty Policy

Updated September 2021

Limited Warranty Policy

Vertical Express warrants its products against defects in workmanship and material to the original purchaser provided the material has been properly cared for, properly installed and operated under normal conditions. Vertical Express will correct a substantiated defect in material or workmanship as described.

The warranty period is fourteen (12) months from Manufacturing ship date. Purchased parts are covered under warranty for one (1) year from date of shipment. The warranty is limited to replacement of materials only and does not include labor costs or related expenses. The warranty policy does not cover consumable components that are considered a normal cost of doing business such as brushes, lamps, fuses, seals, etc. Product problems due to acts of nature, accidents, improper installation/ maintenance, or freight damage are not covered under this warranty policy. Claims must be filed within 30 days of the defect identification or work performed depending on the nature of the claim.

In instances where limited design review is requested and where component only orders are placed, the warranty is limited to defects in workmanship. In cases where systems are quoted and designed but components are ordered, warranty is limited to defects in workmanship or material. Replacement part/change orders require a PO upon placing correction order and must follow the parts process not warranty.

Product Claim Procedures for Material

Vertical Express will ship all warranty replacements prepaid by the most economical surface transportation. Air or other priority shipment will be considered per claim and determined by looking at cost and customer requirements. Early AM deliveries will only be made under special circumstances determined by Warranty as escalated to Manager. Any company agreeing to pay for early AM deliveries may do so at any time. In instances where defective components are reported and requested for return, parts are to be returned for analysis within 30 days of the warranty claim or claim is subject to reversal. RGR document to be sent with the following information:

Material must be accompanied with the completed form Parts Return Warranty Claim RGR
Material must be packaged in a manner that will protect the component from physical damage/ destruction as a result of return. Failure to return RGR material in the above manner will result in billing of replacement material at full cost and warranty claim reversal. These will be handled in batch monthly and will lag a minimum of 60 days to allow adequate time for return.

Returned goods sent collect outside the return window are subject to reversal of cost. Returns sent without the RGR documentation to identify what claim they are associated with are subject to reversal of cost to company.

Returned Material & Condition of Returned Material (RGR Material)

Numerous suppliers provide parts and components that become part of our product offering. These parts & components at times fail and require return for testing / failure analysis and potentially return to the OEM for credit. If there is a Supplier provided item that fails and requires return for credit, it has to be returned complete and not defaced.

Below are examples of returned parts that are NOT acceptable RGR’s for analysis.

  1. Parts have been returned that have been marked on with permanent markers or spray painted to identify them as suspect, the use of a tag would suffice or a note taped on the device.
  2. The label on the electronic starter with the serial number is missing and cannot be replaced.
  3. Missing parts such as the contact blocks on the starter and locking collars on the encoders.
  4. Encoders with attached harnesses that are cut off making the unit unusable, even if it tests as a good unit
  5. Damaged encoders from prying or hammer tapping during removal
  6. Damage from shipping due to improper packaging.

Material that could be returned to its source for credit will not be accepted by the Supplier when received in the conditions described above. Return material in the same condition as it was received, with all auxiliary parts included, undamaged. Should returned material be analyzed and deemed acceptable and no defect found, the replacement part will be billed, warranty claim reversed and disposition from the company on the good part will be requested. Manufacturing is unable to utilize returned parts as a new part for future orders. If the company disposition is not provided within 10 days, it will be disposed of in the most cost-effective manner.

Material returned that has missing parts, been defaced or altered permanently, damaged due to poor packaging or otherwise becomes unusable due to company neglect, will result in warranty claim & parts reversal and billed to the returning company.

Damaged Freight & Short shipment:

Damaged material that is received in a container with damage is to be handled as an open claim with the carrier, not warranty. It is the responsibility of the company to initiate the freight claim and seek recovery for the damage from the carrier (includes photo of damage, packaging, and signed as damaged upon delivery). Replacement parts are to be ordered and paid for since reimbursement for the damage will come from the carrier directly to the company (FOB Middleton. Replacement parts are to be ordered through parts. In all cases, damage must be noted on the shipper if it is physically obvious, and photos of the damage taken upon receipt. Damage from shipment when concealed is to follow the carrier freight claim process (which includes a photo of the component and damaged packaging). If concealed damage is believed to be factory related, coverage is 30 days from shipment from Middleton. A photo of the damaged item and undamaged packaging must be attached to the warranty claim with shipping information.

Product claims concerning short shipments (i.e. number of crates) on upper level bill items (consolidated shipping document), is considered carrier freight loss and is to be handled directly with the carrier as a freight claim as directed by the carrier on the day of shipment only and signed as short on the delivery receipt.

Product claims concerning short shipments (i.e. missing component) will be considered for a period of 60 days from date of shipment from Middleton. Damage from shipment when concealed will be covered for 30 days from date of shipment from Middleton.

If material is received from Manufacturing damaged, requiring Warranty replacement, the return of damaged goods will not create a claim reversal. The reason for replacing the material will be noted in the Gensuite record. This ensures no penalty for a Manufacturing problem.