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August 24, 2023

Product Availability Notice: HD Door Operator

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter is an official notice regarding the product change for Dover/TK Elevator Harmonic Door

Effective Date: October 1, 2019
Components: HD-73, HD-85, HD-91, HD-98, HD-03, HD-LM, HD-04, HD-11, HD-12
Production Years: 1973 - 2019
Lifecycle Stage: Out of Production

What does “Out of Production” mean?
Our End-of-Product-Life process declares a component “Out of Production” when our factory
and/or approved suppliers indicate they can no longer support replacement parts. Certain spare
parts remain available through our TK Elevator’s Spares Business Center, but supplies are limited.

Why is this happening?
As new technologies emerge, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue manufacturing
certain parts and products. Due to obsolescence of our supplier components, we can no
longer manufacture the harmonic door operator. The LD-16 linear door operator will simplify
our product offering for our customers by providing one base solution for new installation,
modernization, and service lines of business. The LD-16 is available for purchase and installation
now, and it will improve service reliability in a cost-efficient manner.

What does this mean for your equipment today?
HD door operators are close to the End-of-Life product stage and the risk for obsolescence is
high. Limited spare part production has been initiated. TK Elevator offers the Wittur LD-16 as a
replacement solution for modernization and repair upgrades.

What action should I take?
If you haven’t already, you should meet with your TK Elevator representative as soon as possible.
They will provide you with the options available for your specific equipment. 

Kind Regards,

Tiffany Judd
Head of Product Management – North America
TK Elevator 


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